Processing Poster – Tadaah!

It was an interesting process, learning about processing.

I learnt a lot more than just processing. Now to process THAT! OK thats enough of the ‘processes’ on to the final reveal.

I am not sure how I feel about my final posters. I am disappointed I couldn’t save the wormy one to a pdf as it is such a sensual image but I can come back to it and solve that puzzle later.

I am liking the mosaic poster. I love all those little screen grabs. I decided the way to go was small so they didn’t pixelate and look completely awful. They are very detailed which is hard to see on this size but I hope it gives the impression of how many elements make up Interactive Design as a subject, that was my intention to convey that.

I hope you like them.

long-worms         tiles

You can see the PDF versions here:




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