Exploring the wonders of LED

The Pinewood Project has enabled me to explore LED lighting and its effects on acrylic / perspex.

The more I explore the more excited I get!

Its a fantastic way to create amazing interactive art and signage.

I have found some examples I am really interested in.  They range from the basic simple way finder signage to the way more exotic art form you will see further down.

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What I have learnt from this is that ‘simple’ and ‘shape and form’ are words I should be aware of when I am designing my panels, or anything else I should branch out into.

The colour is created by the lighting, in the form of LED strips along one edge of the perspex.

So it makes sense that this can lead to all sorts of possibilities such as layering and used as beautiful divider panels.

This panel is just such a simple but beautiful way to light a space. The simple etched circles are perfect.


This wall panel has different lighting options to create different moods throughout the day. I like the way the solid etched tree becomes dark or shadowy in the evening without the overhead lighting.


This layered panel creates a fascinating way to overlay information, literally it is more than one information panel laid over another in this case. This is a really interesting way to create information boards. You could even extend this to allow the interacted to turn areas on and off.


This one of the decorative panels for this restaurant has to be my favourite. It is just beautiful, discreet, simple.


The beauty of this technique is that it is affordable and so simple to install.

What do you think?

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