Creating My Logbook – thoughts, ideas and documenting.

What is a logbook I hear you say?

Well, I asked the very same thing myself and wrestled with the concept to come up with a way of documenting my thoughts and research.

I wanted to find a way to make it a tool for my future work and, as a designer, making it look nice was important too.

My main objective as a designer (and the part which keeps me awake at night!) is that it must function well, be easy to read and navigate, it must work in the hands of humans. This is my driving force in all I design really. It is so important to me that it makes life easier and the fascination and conundrums this brings is what excites me about design projects. One of the reasons I am studying Interactive Design.

Its people who make the difference, and drive what I do.


How will it be touched, seen, is it legible? Does it evoke a sense of what I want to convey?


I do a lot of research, and I mean a lot! It is a never ending process but its the exploring and re-thinking which I really enjoy. This is part of the contents of the logbook which I had to include. I wanted it to record my thoughts and also be place where I could ‘save’ the places I wanted to look at more. It is very important to me that the Logbook is something which is useful to me and serves a purpose. This is what I came up with.

logbook1 logbook2 logbook3


I decided to go with the disc-binding system. This allowed me to add in all my own pages and it securely holds leaflets and other cuttings and documents I wanted to refer back to. It worked well and gives it a nice feel.

The most important part of the concept here is the cross-referencing.


I wanted to show how my thinking covers all variety of modules and that the research I do is relevant to more than one idea. It is easy for me to find relevant papers as I can just track certain colour codes to find what I need.

I packed it in a box I found which fitted it perfectly. This would look great on a shelf and ensures its longevity and the box can be used for loose items in the future ( such as business cards from the Hull conference)

I like how it came out. What do you think?


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