The Tec-Tox project – unpacked!


The Tec-Tox Survival Kit – what does it all mean? ┬áLet me explain…

The concept of the box with the kit inside is to reinforce the idea that we need to rethink our relationship with technology. Unpacking the box and releasing all the elements which represent certain aspects of life which could be different without technology. They all contain a prompt and and are from days gone by ( antique artefacts) they all support the idea of re-discovering the past, before the digital age.

The unpacking of the items is the process of re-visiting the past, the reminder and instruction/advice on how to reach back to this time and bring it forward to use now.

I used old fuses to make a toggle type fastening on the box. My original thinking with the fuses was to fill the box with them. But then I thought having to root through them would just be annoying so decided against it. But I wanted to use them somehow and this works well, subtle but its all in the details, right!



What is inside the box?

I included my project, handwritten work in the roll, and journal.

These two elements I digitised into a format which can be read online. I tried to keep them as much like the originals as I could.

roll the-journal

I also created a website to go alongside this which invites the reader to write in for the Tec-Tox Survival Kit. This is as low-tech as I could get and still be able to reach people.

You can see them here:

click here for the Tech-Tox Project website

Opening the lid of the box you see the instructions on the lid and some loose sheets of handmade recycled, woody, paper.



The top one has instructions for how to find the website.

The next sheet is a list of the contents in the box. This explains each artefact and what it is and where it came from….I also hope it makes the reader unpack the box. On the top is a sheet with instructions for how to build a shelter. ( This is cut from a 1950’s scout tent.)

list tent-sheet


inside2 tec-tox montage

The artefacts in the box are in logo marked brown paper bags, this is a nudge to an era when paper bags where used for groceries and packing lunches. This is also to make the person opening the box slow down and look at each artefact as they are removed from the bags.

Quite literally unpacking the past!


They are also to keep the items safe and not rattle around.

When all the artefacts are removed there is a message in the bottom of the box.


I wanted to provoke thought and hope that the handling of all the items has meaning and sparks an idea to try life without tech. Maybe even to get outside and appreciate nature too. The reason the items are focused around camping and survival is to provoke the idea of surviving and thriving without technology and inspire them to give it a try, appreciate the people in their life and slow down to reconnect in a more physical way.


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