About me

Lifelong creative person with fingers in lots of pies!

Curious about everything and forever asking annoying questions I am here to learn and become the best I can be. Now I know this is a tall order its true, this ambition is an ongoing one and something I intend to share.


Mia MonroeNow for some regular details, I had the joy to be born in Luton and have this displayed for all to see on my Passport. I am not sure how I feel about that but there it is. However, I didn’t spend very long there as I spent my childhood in a small village in Bedfordshire called Houghton Conquest. That’s about as interesting as it gets really. I had a muddy and adventurous childhood with my older brother and his mates.

I left home at 17 to spread my wings and moved into a tiny houseshare with my friend Michelle who decided after a short time she would rather enjoy being alone with her pot-smoking boyfriend and clearly they needed more radiator space for their laundry.

I moved on, quite happily!

I got my first grown-up job by trawling round the design studios within a travelling distance, portfolio in hand and ‘fake it til I make it’ attitude in full force. I was shameless and cringe about it now but if you don’t reach for something you will never get it.  ‘Sooner or later someone would see my potential and give me a chance’ I thought, and so they eventually did.

So, I left school and went straight into a job as a Junior Designer in a swishy design agency in Luton. ( you can take Luton out of the girl….) It ended spectacularly after one of the partners had a horrible accident. So there you go. Life goes on, for me at least, for that I was grateful.

I got another job, and then another, and spent the next 30 years in the print and design and graphics trade one way or another.
It has changed a lot over the years and I am here to brush up, keep up and move on up to greater things!

It is this journey I am sharing with you here, and my ambition to Be Fearless in all I do!

Mia x

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